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Sutton Courtenay News


Jacqueline Mathews who used to live in Harwell Road until she moved to Cornwall on her 75th birthday in 1995, to be near her daughter Pauline, would like to wish a Happy New Year to all the people in Sutton Courtenay who might remember her. She is the mum of Richard Mathews and Grandson of Andrew Mathews who still run the businesses in Harwell Road that were started by her in-laws and late husband Laurie. She is still known to all as Gran, is now 99 (100 on 28th April next year) and is doing well (considering) in Godolphin Care Home, Helston, if anyone would like to send a card or letter. Up until 3 years ago she regularly made it back to the village but is now unable to travel due to ill health, and likewise, sent out many Christmas cards which may not have happened this year. So apologies to anyone who might have expected one, or wondered how she was doing.



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