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We will try to post daily update photos from the bird box camera here throughout May, and until the hatchlings fledge. See all the photos on the "Pictures" page... Also check out videos of the chicks on the Sutton Courtenay News YOUTUBE channel.


Wednesday 9th May - hatching out                                                                 Wednesday 9th May - tidying up a bit...
















Wednesday 9th May - am I hungry? They don't really know how to eat yet.    Wednesday 9th May - and trying to get some sleep
















Thursday 10th May - if I do this, does food arrive?                                         Thursday 10th May - we're all beaks and eyes, though we can't see much.











Looks like 2 of the eggs didn't hatch. The chicks haven't quite figured out how to eat yet, so Mum and Dad haven't had to start the mad feeding rush they'll need to get into shortly!


Tuesday 15th May - they're growing, and they're hungry, and they're just starting to get their first feathers - look for the tufts about their eyes...















gallery/20180509_hatching out
gallery/20180509_mum tidying up eggshells
gallery/20180509_starting to get hungry
gallery/20180509_sitting together at night
gallery/20180510_figuring out how to get fed
gallery/20180510_big eyes big beaks
gallery/20180515_please feed us now
gallery/20180515_we are hungry mum and dad